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Class Jobs Display Pack

Easy to set up, the Class Jobs Display Pack is a useful aid for any classroom as it gives the children a visual reminder of their allocated classroom tasks.


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Easy to set up, the Class Jobs Display Pack is a useful aid for any classroom as it gives the children a visual reminder of their allocated classroom tasks.

Created in Microsoft Word format, the display also instills responsibility for the classroom and promotes a sense of pride in keeping it organised. It also saves valuable teacher-time at the end of each day as there are less jobs to do once the children have gone home!

The following items are included:

  • 64 job pockets*
  • 40 blank job pockets
  • 40 pencils for children's names
  • A choice of 2 display signs

*There are 8 job pockets per A4 sheet - each job pocket measures 7cm (H) by 6cm (W)

How to set up the display:

  1. Type each child's name onto a pencil.
  2. Print out the pack and, for durability, laminate.
  3. Select and cut out the job pockets you wish to use and attach each one onto a display board using an arrangement of your choice - keep the top edge of each pocket free.
  4. Cut out the labelled pencils and allocate each child a classroom 'job'.
  5. Put each child's pencil into the relevant job pocket.
  6. Rotate jobs frequently by simply switching pencils between different pockets.

Each job pocket includes a colourful graphic as a visual aid of what the job is - especially useful for early readers.

The pack includes a large total of 64 job pockets, allowing you to choose those relevant to your own classroom set-up.

Also included are sheets of blank job pockets, enabling you to create your own to add to the collection.

The pencils include a text box so that they are ready to be typed straight into.

The Class Jobs Display Pack has been produced in Microsoft Word format, enabling you to customise it by changing the job descriptions and adding your own graphics if required.

The Class Jobs Display Pack creates an attractive, helpful display for the children and will ensure that the classroom is a tidy, organised place for learning.

File Format: MS Word (zipped)

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