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Traffic Light Chatter Tracker

Classroom resource ideal for controlling classroom noise/behaviour!


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Classroom resource ideal for controlling classroom noise/behaviour!

Tried and tested in the Primary classroom, these motivational Traffic Lights are an effective way of controlling classroom noise and/or behaviour.

The 'Traffic Lights' system is an easy one for the children to learn and serves as an immediate reminder of class rules.

This resource can be used in a number of ways. For example:

  • Put up the green light when the class are making your acceptable level of noise for a particular activity, the amber light when the noise level is rising and the red light when the talking is too loud
  • Put up the red light when you require the class to work silently, the amber light when the children will be allowed to whisper and the green light when it is ok to talk
  • The above examples can also apply to classroom behaviour
  • Use the Traffic Lights to control classroom tasks, e.g. the green light means 'work time', the amber light means 'tidy up' and the red light means 'back to your seats ready to listen'

The Traffic Lights Chatter Tracker can also be incorporated into your existing reward system easily.

  • If the green light stays on the children could earn team points, or similar
  • Each time the light turns red the class could lose 1 minute of their Golden Time, or similar


The Traffic Lights provide control and management within the classroom in a non-threatening way and help to save the teacher's voice!

Produced in Microsoft Word, the Traffic Lights Chatter Tracker is fully customisable, allowing you to develop your own system of use.

Titles and colours can be easily changed according to your preferred use of the resource.

You will receive the following:

  • A 'Traffic Lights Chatter Tracker' sign
  • A set of blank traffic lights
  • 3 coloured discs - green, amber, red
  • A set of rules to display

Remember - these can be easily amended to suit your preferred use

Tip: Laminate for durability. Attach the coloured discs  using, velcro, blu-tack or similar.

File Format: MS Word

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